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Mortgage Brokers Niagara Falls

Are you looking for mortgage brokers in Niagara Falls? You’ve come to the right place. I’m Paul Galllardi, and I’ve been assisting Canadians with all things mortgage related for years now. 

So whether you’re looking for your dream home, buying a house for the first time, or remortgaging — I will be more than happy to assist you. I take a strategic, tailored mortgage approach for each of my clients, making sure that all their property goals are all achieved. 

Here are some of the reasons why Niagara Falls is one of the best places to live:

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Mortgage In Niagara Falls

Close Proximity To The GTA and USA 

Niagara provides the best of both worlds for people looking to relocate from the GTA or Hamilton in search of an economical yet desirable place to settle down. 

The Peninsula’s rural areas and small towns are just a stone’s throw away from the big city. Niagara is just about two hours away to downtown Toronto for quick getaways with the family. 

To add to that, the Buffalo airport is just a 20-25 minute drive from Fort Erie. There’s also the GO Train Service — making Niagara Falls, Grimsby, and St. Catherines easily accessible. 

There’s A Place For Every Lifestyle

There are 12 municipalities in the region, all of which are conveniently adjacent to each other and provide a unique set of personalities to cater any lifestyle. There’s something for everyone. 

Looking for that small town feel? Grimsby and Pelham offers you an escape from the hustle and bustle while still providing easy access to essential hubs and businesses. 

How about something more lively? St. Catherines, being the largest city in the Niagara region, is a dynamic area with plenty of opportunities for entertainment. 

World-Class Healthcare

The Niagara Health System is a network of hospitals that provides excellent medical services to the region’s residents. 

These hospitals are conveniently located all around the Peninsula — offering immediate and specialized medical attention. 

Diverse Businesses

Niagara’s mix of old businesses, tourism-centric shops, and restaurants make shopping and dining easy. More and more entrepreneurs are starting their businesses in Niagara, bringing the region new concepts and delicious cuisine. 


There’s no need to go elsewhere to travel, it’s all out on your doorstep. Niagara is a brimming tourist spot for areas like the famous Niagara Falls to the Skylon Tower. There’s always something fun to do and beautiful to see — whether it be nature, wine, or nightlife. 

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