Ryan Kirwan

After graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1998, Ryan began his entrepreneurial career immediately.  Ryan’s career path included time in the Insurance, Investment and Banking field. His mortgage venture started in 2008 as a Mortgage Agent.  Four years later he created HQ Mortgages Inc. looking to take mortgage origination to the next level. […]

Rico Johnston

Rico Johnston has  over 17 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry. With HQ Mortgages, I take pride in providing excellent customer service resulting in best possible results for my client. Being Bilingual in both French and English allows me to diversify explanations of product functions in many ways for all clients to understand. I am a well organized individual/team […]

Donna Desforges

Donna has been working in the mortgage field for just over five years, and enjoys keeping the office organized and running efficiently.